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Pangea Manzanita Branches

  • Great for Small Footed Reptiles & Amphibians
  • Natural Wood Product
  • Looks Great in Tropical and Arid Setups

These thin Manzanita Branches are perfect for many reptiles with smaller feet! Use these branches to add a naturalistic vibe to your terrarium. The Pangea Manzanita Branches are natural products that are sandblasted for a tastefully finished look. 

No other natural product can provide as many small branches for your reptiles to hold as this branch! These branches are very lightweight despite being quite strong for their thickness. We recommend pairing these branches with our Pangea Plants or live plants for maximum surface area exposure for your animals.

Since these branches are sandblasted, they do not resist water very well and can be prone to mold or rot if kept too moist, but this can be mitigated with UV exposure from a UVB light. Like all woods, disinfecting your Pangea Branchy Manzanita Sticks is recommended before adding them to your terrarium.

Popular with:

Day geckos, Eurydactylodes spp., satanic leaf-tailed geckos, spearpoint geckos, Strophurus spp. & More!


Small (Approximately 10”-15” Length) 
Medium (Approximately 15”-21” Length)
Large (Approximately 22”-25” Length)
Extra Large (Approximately 26”-35” Length)
Show Piece (Approximately 36”+ Length)

Notice: Photos are just representatives of Pangea Ghost Wood. Actual size, shape, and color may vary.  

We recommend disinfecting your Pangea Ghost Wood, like all wood products, before adding them to your terrarium.