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Pangea Grapevine Tunnels

  • Natural Wood
  • Great for Hides
  • Excellent for Many Species of Snakes or Lizards
  • Multiple Sizes Available

Pangea Grapevine Tunnels are great for making your reptile feel safe and secure! Hard surfaces for your reptile to use for shed aid. Aesthetic natural color that serves as an accent piece in your terrarium. Works in a naturalistic/ bioactive terrarium or a more simple setup. Use for mounting terrarium plants. Excessive moisture may result in wood rot or molding.

The Pangea Grapevine Tunnels come in three sizes to fit your terrarium needs:

Small: Approximately 8”-12” long, 3”-5” wide, & 2”-5” high
Medium: Approximately 10”-14” long, 4”-6” wide, & 4”-7” high
Large: Approximately 12”-18” long, 5"-8” wide, & 5”-8” high
Extra Large: Approximately 18"-24" long, 6"-10" wide, & 5"-8" high

Notice: Photos are just representatives of Pangea Grapevine Tunnels. Actual size, shape, and color may vary.  

We recommend disinfecting your Pangea Grapevine Tunnels, like all wood products, before adding them to your terrarium.