You made it to this page so you must be looking for a great digital scale to weigh your reptile, or maybe a loupe to magnify your view. Well good news! We have the best small animal scales for reptiles. Need something that can weigh down to the 10th of a gram, check out the CJ-600 or the compact LC-300. Or for bigger reptiles that only need to weigh in whole grams check out the MyWeigh 7001 or the DS-6000 reptile scales, both are great for Ball Pythons or similarly sized snakes as well as heavier bodied lizards like Bearded Dragons.

Reptile sexing loupes are great for examining your pet up close or distinguishing sex on many types of lizards. Our most popular loupe is a 30x/60x combo loop that gives you different magnification levels in one easy to use tool. If you have to sex geckos this is a must have!