The thing with reptiles and amphibians is they need a place to live. You can't just let them hop, walk, or slither about wherever they want now can you? That is why you need to provide a reptile habitat with a well made glass terrarium or screen cage for your pet.

Glass reptile cages are great for anything with sticky feet that can utilize the smooth surface area for climbing. They also make an ideal environment for most lizards and snakes. This type of reptile terrarium for sale can easily be made into a naturalistic vivarium complete with a drainage layer, soil, and live plants. The watertight bottoms of these cages ensure that the moisture and muck stays where it belongs. All of the Exo Terra terrariums that we offer have locking front doors, screen tops, and ventilation built right in.

Reptile screen cages are ideally suited for chameleons or other reptiles that require a lot of ventilation. The Zoo Med Reptibreeze line of enclosures offers large sturdy front doors and aluminum construction that holds up well and won't rust.