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Sustainability at Pangea Reptile

A rainforest with Pangea's logo, a heart, and the Earth in front of it

As lovers of animals and the natural world, it is important that we advance our hobby and industry to have a positive impact on our environment. In our decision making at Pangea Reptile, we examine environmental impact with a sustainability mindset. From product to practice, we strive to make our part of the world a better place to live.


We offer reusable products as to lessen our consumer’s impact on landfills. Take for instance our Silicone Feeding Cups, made from durable pet-safe silicone. These can replace disposable cups, reducing gecko keepers waste. These awesome dishes do not break down into harmful microplastics like most plastic products will, which means they will remain safe long after you are done using them. Our Ultimate Silicone Eco Dish and upcoming ledges follow the same principles. 

For years we have had Biodegradable Feeding Cups available, so our customers can compost their spent feeding cups instead of adding plastic waste to our landfills. 

We strive to select renewable natural products with sustainable harvesting options like Ghostwood, GrapevineCorkbark, and Leaf Litter.

Finally, our new reusable Temp-Safe Phase Pack is made from a sustainable and biodegradable filling, helping minimize landfill impact and industrial waste. 


Our intentions don’t stop there. Our mission to reduce our impact on the environment means we have implemented practices throughout our company to achieve our goals.


 As we source products and packaging for our business, we aim to make each shipment as efficient as possible, reducing the number of boxes needed, while protecting your order. This saves material that will likely end up in landfills and saves fuel, reducing each package's impact on carriers, helping minimize our impact on carbon emissions.

We do our best to locally source our packaging to reduce fuel consumption and employ brands that align with our goals of carbon-neutral packaging.


We are actively trying to remove plastics from our packaging for more environmentally friendly alternatives including progressing towards recyclable paper cartons instead of plastic packaging and eliminating excess packaging whenever possible.

You may have noticed we recycle cardboard package to use as filler and our new biodegradable packaging peanuts! These amazing peanuts dissolve in water and can be disposed of anywhere including compost piles and even down your sink!


As a company, we can use a lot of energy, from powering our warehouse to heating our reptiles. In our area, electricity comes from burning fossil fuels. Thankfully, we make our own power! We have an array of solar panels that supply us with enough electricity to meet our needs and even give back to our local power company.  Ultimately, this reduces our carbon footprint and helps our local community do the same. We further reduced energy consumption by installing motion sensor light controls, and energy-efficient LED lighting.

We are very proud to have these initiatives in place. We love this planet and hope to help our industry and our fellow hobbyists have a more positive impact on our environment.

Thank you,

Pangea Reptile