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Pangea For Professionals

Pangea Pet Store Application

Pangea Reptile LLC offers wholesale discounts to Brick and Mortar Stores. Products are discounted so that the Stores can sell Pangea products and other select products directly to customers and turn a profit. Several items, including Reptile Systems Lighting, are exclusively offered at wholesale pricing to Brick and Mortar Stores. To ensure your shelf stay well stocked, Pangea Pet Stores will remain as the only program that will have no minimum order! 


  • Distribute and sell Pangea products to customers at a Brick and Mortar Pet Store location.


  • Access to the lowest wholesale prices available for Stores.
  • Access to products that are only available to Brick and Mortar Pet Stores!
  • Access to Reptile Systems Lighting
  • Access to Redline Science Products.
  • Access to Sticky Tongue Products.
  • Access to Pure Clean Bio Products.
  • Access to Pangea Reptile Products
  • Access to Pangea Brand marketing items.


  • Business License (EIN) or form of business identification.
  • Verified Brick and Mortar location
  • Payments: Wire transfers (no fees) or Credit card, PayPal, Shop Pay, Google Pay, or Venmo with a convenience fee.


  • Pet Store understands that the purpose of the account is for RESALE.
  • Orders cannot be split with other individuals, dealers or businesses.
  • Selling Pangea Brand products is STRICTLY prohibited on Ebay, Amazon, Etsy, and similar e-commerce marketplaces.
  • Product must be sold in original unopened packaging.
  • Pangea Diet & select items cannot be priced or advertised below the set MAP pricing. MAP pricing is provided in Pangea for Professional's Portal.
  • United States only.
  • No first order minimum.
  • No minimum order.
  • Free Shipping at $1500.
  • Michigan Form 3372 required for Tax Exemption
  • Pangea Coupons, Discounts, Shipping Rates, as well as Promotions of any kind, DO NOT APPLY to Pangea Pet Store orders.
  • Orders may be placed for show pick ups for free shipping. Please note that you can only pick up at shows that Pangea is vending at. You must make sure to write show pick up in the notes or contact Pangea to let them know about your pick up. Your shipping cost will be refunded as soon as your order is ready for the show. Please make sure your order is placed at least two weeks in advance for show pickups. If you place the order within two weeks of the show, we cannot guarantee that your order will be ready in time for the show. 
  • After your application is reviewed, we will contact you via email, usually within 3-5 business days (Please understand any time delays as we are working on switching to the new program).

Pangea Pet Store Application


Are you applying for a Brick and Mortar Pet Store?

No - You may qualify for this program, please look into the Pangea Vendor or Pangea Breeder Program.

Yes - You will not qualify for this program and are required to contact your local distributor.

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