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Pangea Ghost Wood Branches

  • Beautiful Multi-Colored Wood
  • Natural Wood Product
  • Mildly Rot Resistant

The beautiful flowing colors, sturdy structure, and durability of Pangea Ghost Wood Branches make them an excellent choice for any terrarium, vivarium, or aquarium. This natural product comes from the Manzanita shrub but differs from a more commonly seen product of Manzanita branches that are extremely thin. The Pangea Ghost Wood branches come in many shapes, and sizes where branches may be forked and some have several tones of color that flow through the curves of the branches.

This wood is great for small and large reptiles and other animals. Generally, Ghost Wood can increase ambient humidity, however, if kept too moist it can mold and rot, like most wood products.This product is sandblasted but we recommend disinfecting your Ghost Wood Branches, like all wood products, before adding them to your terrarium please be sure to make the wood safe for your animals by removing any sharp areas. 

The size, shape, and color greatly vary by each branch. We will do our best to fulfill requests but the selection is subject to availability.


Small (Approximately 10”-15” Length)
Medium (Approximately 15”-21” Length)
Large (Approximately 22”-25” Length)
Extra Large (Approximately 26”-35” Length)
Show Piece (Approximately 36”+ Length)

Notice: Photos are just representatives of Pangea Ghost Wood. Actual size, shape, and color may vary.  

We recommend disinfecting your Pangea Ghost Wood, like all wood products, before adding them to your terrarium.