Complete Crested Gecko Kit

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Complete Crested Gecko Kit

This complete crested gecko starter kit has everything you need to get started! The 12"x12"x18" Exo Terra terrarium is the perfect size cage for a juvenile-adult crested gecko. This kit includes plenty of decorations, gecko food, and all the supplies you need. 

Included in The Complete Crested Gecko Kit:

  • Exo Terra 12"x12"x18" Glass Terrarium
  • Foam Background (removable)
  • Small HerpHaven (starter cage or feeding cage)
  • 12"x12" Pangea Carpet
  • Pangea Digital Thermometer/ Hygrometer
  • Pangea Small Acrylic Suction Cup Gecko Ledge
  • 50 count 1/2 oz Plastic Feeding Cups
  • 1 Pangea Ultimate Vine
  • 2 Pangea Plants
  • 1 Pangea Hanging Orchid 
  • 2 oz bag Pangea Gecko Diet with Watermelon
  • 2 oz bag Pangea Gecko Diet with Insects
  • 1 Pangea misting bottle

We reserve the right to substitute items in the setup for other items of equal value and functionality. 

Not Available For International Order