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Redline Science Biotope Enclosure

The Redline Science Biotope product line is a new and unique offering in the world of next-generation enclosures.

  • Dual-color Reversible Panels
  • Customizable
  • Easily Modified for Lighting and Misting 

The Redline Science Biotope panels are dual-color and reversible, allowing for a variety of visual presentations. The Biotope cage ships flat and is easily assembled, offers dynamic styling, and easy modification. The panels can be modified using drill bits or hole saws to accommodate interior cage lighting, running power cords, mounting misting nozzles, and/or additional ventilation. An interior bead of silicone will render the cage watertight for shallow aquatic setups. A terrific choice for geckos, lizards, snakes, amphibians, terrariums, and more, we hope you’ll love these enclosures as much as we do!

Assembled the Biotope enclosure is 23"x20"x16"

How to assemble the Redline Science Biotope Enclosure