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Zoo Med Nano Breeze

  • Open air screen reptile enclosure
  • 10x10x12" outer dimensions
  • Clear acrylic front entry door for better viewing
  • Perfect for hatchling lizards

Chameleon enthusiasts and breeders rejoice! Similar to the popular ReptiBreeze enclosures, but in a compact 10x10x12" package! This open air cage is screened on 4 sides and features a latching acrylic front door which allows for better viewing of your young chameleons, anoles, or other baby lizards. Open air habitats are best suited for tropical species with sensitivity to stagnant humid air. Panther, veiled, and Jackson's chameleon hatchlings will feel right at home in the Nano Breeze. Zoo Med Nano Dome light fixtures fit perfectly and offer an array of heating and lighting options. Constructed of anodized corrosion-resistant aluminum framing and durable metal screen. Zoo Med Nano Breeze and ReptiBreeze cages ship flat and will require some assembly. All hardware is included.

Note: The Zoo Med light fixture and removable tray pictured on the box are sold separately. This habitat has a solid base that prevents moisture and debris from spilling out and works best with sphagnum moss bedding or Zoo Med Forest Floor bedding, but using the removable tray would be best when using soil based substrates.

Not Available For International Shipments