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Waxworms To Go Pack


We ship To Go Boxes on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday each week via FedEx 2-Day Express! Live Arrival Guaranteed.

Waxworms have been a staple feeder item for decades and are an excellent food item to offer your reptiles. Waxworms are great for lizards and amphibians that are expending a lot of energy for growth,  you should not feed these exclusively instead offer them as a way to provide high energy to active animals or as a weight gain feeder if you find yourself needing to fatten up a thin animal. As a maintenance food, you can offer a few every week for variety and a well-rounded diet. Like most other common feeder items you should dust with a calcium powder each feeding and with a multivitamin every 3rd feeding.

Approximate Nutritional Composition of Waxworms

Values are on a dry matter basis (moisture removed)

  • Protein: 34%
  • Fat: 59%
  • Calcium to Phosphorous Ratio: 1:8 (requires calcium supplementation)

Our to-go boxes were created so you can give your animal a varied diet. Mix and match any way you want and save on shipping in the process!

Please note:

We do not guarantee Live Arrival or issue refunds or reships for insects that cannot ship due to weather. We ship when temperatures do not fall below or exceed 32 F and 80 F on both ends at any time that the insects may be in transit. We can arrange for pickup at FedEx Ship Centers if temperatures are slightly outside of this range. If you need help locating a FedEx Ship Center near you that holds live animals please contact us.