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Pangea Reptile Heat Pad

  • Optimal for Terrestrial Species
  • Low Wattage for use as a 24-hour Secondary Heat Source
  • Acts as a Supplemental Heat Source without Providing Additional Light
  • Encourages Digestion
  • 3M Adhesive Back for Permanent Installation

Under tank heaters or heating pads are a great way to provide "belly heat" for terrestrial tropical or desert species. Easy peel-and-stick installation for mounting on the bottom of glass terrariums. These heating mats will not get excessively hot, but will help increase the temperatures on the floor of your terrarium. They are also a smart way to provide a little extra heat inside a hide or other areas of your tank not exposed to light. The heat encourages your pet's digestive system and provides the comfort of the warmth they would receive in their natural environment. Using sand or similar heat conducting substrates will allow for the best heat transfer to maximize the effectiveness. A favorite amongst bearded dragons, uromastyx, tortoise, and other high-temperature loving reptiles! UL approved heating element!

If using under the tank make sure to provide air flow. Place the included bumpers in the four corners of the enclosure to provide height to the tank so the heating pad is not flush to the ground. If using on the sides of enclosure make sure to allow room between the wall and enclosure for air flow.

Wattage and sizes:

  • Mini: 4x7", 4 watts
  • Small: 6x8", 8 watts
  • Medium: 8x12", 16 watts
  • Large: 8x18", 24 watts