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Pangea VivBright LED Terrarium Plant Light

  • 13 Watt
  • 6400k daylight color temperature makes colors pop!
  • 6700 lumens per square meter
  • 60 LEDs
  • Vented housing
  • High light output at low energy costs!
  • Emits UVA for healthy plant growth
  • VivBright LED bulbs can last up to 10 years!

We have upgraded our VivBright and gave it a slick new design! The new VivBright outputs 13 Watts instead of 12, has a slight color shift from 6000k to 6400k to make colors stand out better, and has a major upgrade from 1300 to 6700 lumens per square meter. What's better is that these new enhancements come at no additional cost to you!

These amazing LED lights for reptile and amphibian vivariums are the bee's knees. The VivBright LED tank light screws into any standard screw-in light socket. You get maximum light output at a very minimum energy level, saving you tons on electricity. These LED reptile lights utilize 2 different color temperature diodes to provide the best spectrum for vigorous plant growth and for creating a visually pleasing and bright environment. LEDs give off very little heat so they are perfect for heat sensitive environments. Adjustable to 300 degrees once it's screwed in, ensuring that you are able to point the light directly down or at any angle you choose! These bulbs work best in horizontal lighting fixtures with standard screw-in incandescent sockets.

These bulbs do NOT emit UVB.