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Zoo Med Turtle Dock

Zoo Med Turtle Dock
  • Optimum selection for aquatic turtle owners
  • Provides basking and land area
  • Assembles in seconds
  • Self-positioning to adjust to different water levels
  • Ramp extends into water to offer easy access
  • Suction cups included

Now your turtles can easily come aboard the ultimate location for basking and resting! Zoo Med turtle dock features a floating landmass that adjusts to sit at the water level of your tank. Attached to the platform is a ramp that dips just below the water's surface making it accessible for your little ones to climb. Got a growing turtle and need to add more water to the tank? No problem! The turtle dock meets the water's level every time making it an investment that your pet will adore. To assemble, position the plastic poles with the suction cup side facing the back of the tank and thread through the holes in the platform. Secure your suction cups to the back of the poles and you have a fully functional floating turtle dock! Position as desired but don't be afraid to try out new locations in the tank to find what is right for your pet. A smart option for frogs and tadpoles too! To clean rinse dock with warm water and scrub any algae off with a toothbrush. If suction cups begin to lose their ability to grip give them a soak in hot water and white vinegar to rejuvenate. Happy basking!