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Zoo Med ReptiTemp® Rheostat

  • Easy to use analog heating control device
  • 2 input sockets
  • Handles up to 150 watts
  • Use with Zoo Med Rock Heaters, Ceramic Heat Emitters, and incandescent heat lamps
  • 1 year manufacturer's warranty

This is the ideal way to control heat output when using Zoo Med's Rock Heaters, Heat Caves, and any ceramic heat emitter or dimmable incandescent heat lamp. Plug up to 2 heating devices with a combined max wattage of 150 watts and set your desired heat level on your Rheostat. This unit should not be used with thermostatically controlled heat elements such as heat tape, heat mats, mercury vapor bulbs or other non-dimmable lamps. Use a digital thermometer when using any heating device.

Directions: Plug your Zoo Med Rheostat into an electrical outlet. Make sure the control knob is set to the LOW setting. Connect up to 2 rock heaters, or up to 2 overhead heat lamps to the included power strip on the Rheostat. Combined wattage should not exceed 150w. Do not connect different types of heating elements at the same time, such as 1 rock heater and 1 heat lamp, as they require different controlling parameters. Adjust the output level by turning the control knob to meet the requirements of your pet and continue to monitor temperatures with an accurate digital reptile thermometer.