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Zoo Med Reptile Lamp Stand

  • Holds and secures Zoo Med light fixtures or drip systems
  • Use to adjust temperatures in terrariums when using heat lamps
  • The large size will adjust anywhere from 20-38" high and 8-15" long
  • The small size will adjust up to 24" high and up to 12" long

Using heat lamps for reptile enclosures can come with its own set of hazards. Ensuring that your light fixture is held securely above your terrarium can help to minimize hot areas that some animals might be sensitive to. Adjusting height can help dial in optimal ambient or basking temperatures, which can be hard to do without using a thermostat. Features clips to keep cords organized, and a sturdy base for added security. The Zoo Med Reptile Lamp Stand makes adjusting your light fixture easy for just about any size terrarium!