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Zoo Med Repti Rock Reservoir

  • Readily available fresh water source
  • Spill and tip preventive design
  • Ideal for arid enclosure where water quickly evaporates
  • Built in insect barrier
  • Easily removable container for quick refills

You love them, but let's face it they're messy. Zoo Med Repti Rock Reservoir is your solution to pets who have a tendency to spill, soil, or dirty their reptile water dishes. A must for heated enclosures where water dries up fast. Great for bearded dragons, box turtles, skinks, and geckos this 22 ounce water dish provides ultimate hydration without the mess and without the worry. With a built-in barrier to prevent insects from climbing inside the refillable bottle, you'll never have to fish out a dead cricket from you water dish again. Simply fill the bottle and screw the base on top. You'll finally be able to take the vacation you've been planning and you won't even have to talk the neighbor into taking care of your reptiles!