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Zoo Med Repti Calcium Without D3

  • Rich source of bioavailable calcium carbonate
  • Formulated with a high surface area to increase absorption
  • Absent of D3
  • No impurities, phosphorus, or lead

Have no fear of D3 overdose, this product is designed for reptiles and amphibians whose D3 needs are already being met. Pair the Zoo Med Repti Calcium supplement with tasty crickets or a batch of greens. A thriving herp is just a sprinkle and a shake away.

Additional Information: Weekly use on your critter's diet recommended.

On insects: Softly dust over crickets before placing in the enclosure. For every 2.5 ounces of your animal's body weight give 12 treated crickets weekly.

On plants: For every 5 ounces body weight add 1/2 teaspoon on a weekly basis.