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Zoo Med ReptiBark

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  • 100% fir tree bark
  • Smaller chips to prevent live food from hiding
  • Tripe-cleaned and washable
  • Compact and compressed to cut down on dust
  • Encourages digging that relieves stress

Made from the bark of fir trees these little nuggets are designed for your critter to crawl through, over, and on! The compact size allows for the substrate to lay flat so insects will not disappear or be lost. The smaller design makes it easier for your pet to dig through and expend all that extra energy. Helps to boost humidity levels and soak up moisture. An alternative to other dustier substrates like sand. ReptiBark is also washable and can be reused for up to one year. Great for iguanas, spiders, geckos, and tortoises!

Do Not Use With Animals That May Ingest The Substrate