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Zoo Med Nano Halogen Heat Lamp

  • Long lasting and cost efficient heat lamp for small-medium size terrariums
  • Reflective construction focuses more light and heat output
  • Emits UVA
  • Suitable for daytime use

A compact 35 watt halogen bulb that fits standard fixtures and the Zoo Med Nano Dome fixtures! Halogen bulbs have an incredibly long life if handled and used properly. SAVE ENERGY! Halogen produces more heat per watt than normal incandescent bulbs. Use as a heat/basking bulb for enclosures that are 10 gallons or smaller. The Zoo Med Nano Halogen bulb emits UVA, which can help stimulate feeding response and overall daytime activity in diurnal reptile species. This heat lamp does not emit UVB.

To prolong the life of this bulb: Avoid skin contact with the glass when screwing into your unplugged fixture. Use a clean rag or paper towel when handling this bulb. Once installed, avoid moving, handling or vibrating the fixture.