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Zoo Med Multiport Fogger

  • Expands One ReptiFogger Hose Into Three
  • Easy Way To Provide Humidity For Three Enclosures
  • Great For Multiple Enclosure Breeding Setups
  • Hose Can Be Extended From 9"-41"
  • Include Suction Cup Mounting Bracket

The Zoo Med Multiport Fogger Attachment is an easy way to expand the Zoo Med ReptiFogger you already have. This 3 in 1 expander allows you to easily split the output hose from a ReptiFogger to three terrariums. The Multiport attachment makes humidity control for multiple enclosures a breeze! This is the perfect attachment for breeders with multiple setups.

The Zoo Med Multiport Fogger Attachment includes a Suction cup bracket for discreet mounting. The adjustable hose length 9 in-41 in (23 cm -104 cm). For use with Zoo Med's ReptiFogger (sold separately).