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Zoo Med Excavator Clay Burrowing Substrate

  • Molding clay substrate
  • Can be formed into burrows and tunnels
  • Allows reptiles to carry out digging behaviors
  • Can be rewetted and reshaped
  • Prevents you from having to buy extra hides
  • Essential for desert species

Feel like a kid in the sandbox again and try Zoo Med Excavator Clay Burrowing Substrate! The most fun you can have in cage design, this clay lining hardens into caves, burrows, crests, grooves, and more making your terrarium a piece of art that resembles natural terrain. In a separate container mix the substrate with the designated water amount on the instructions. The clay will take on a tough, mud-like consistency that you can pile into corners and hollow out, lay over PVC pipes to make tunnels, or stack high to provide closer access to light sources. It won't lose it's rigidity or structure unless you decide to redo your desert-dwelling palace and rewet the substance. The clay dries with a crust-like top layer which matches the arid desert floor in your pet's natural environment but underneath a moist, lower temp retreat awaits your pet to assist with sheds and stress control. Acting as both a substrate and a hide you'll save money on cage decor and your pet will feel right at home in your very own creation! Strong enough to take the weight of larger reptiles like bearded dragons, uromastyx, or collard lizards but versatile enough for smaller species like leopard geckos. Use with hermit crabs, crayfish, salamanders, and frogs too!