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Zilla Corner Litter Scoop

  • Smart and efficient design
  • Made with a sifter to lift waste without stripping bedding
  • Fits in tight corners
  • Pointed tip helps scrape of dried debris
  • Plastic is easily cleaned and long-lasting

    Behold! Finally, you have the equipment to take your poop-scooping abilities to heroic heights! Be the King Arthur of cage cleaning and wield this lightweight, angular Excalibur to conquer your smelly enemies and defeat your crusty, stuck-on foes. Friends and courtiers will be jealous and the heralds will write songs of your glorious victory over tough-to-reach places and spaces. No more will you weep over your rancid duties; rejoice! Zilla Corner Litter Scoop is your sword in the stone to save you time and effort so you can spend it on more important things like fridge pillaging, dragon fighting, and maiden rescuing.