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Understanding Cold Fusion: Lineage or Trait?

May 30, 2024 1 min read

Understanding Cold Fusion: Lineage or Trait?

Cold Fusion has captured so much interest, although we know it can be a little confusing. So, we're here to offer a little help understanding it.

There are two ways to think about the term "Cold Fusion": both as a lineage and as a trait.

Lineage Drawn

Tom Favazza of Geckological produced a dark-based gecko with a hypo combination that resulted in a base with a bluish tone when fired down, similar to lavender. This bluish tone inspired the name Cold Fusion for the male that would begin the titular lineage. Since then, this lineage has carried the name Cold Fusion. Many descendants display the bluish tone and other outcrosses carry the lineage from the capstone male. 

Trait Unpacked

There is more to the bluish tone than a single trait, so let's unpack it. The phenotype we identify with the bluish tone is not a single trait but a combination of Black Base, Hypo, and Cold Fusion. The understanding of Cold Fusion as a trait is more obvious to the eye when Hypo is present and less obvious with a clean yellow base, as melanin has been minimized. Red-Cold Fusion-Hypo combinations still show the bluish tone when the hypo is more dominant in an animal and when they fire down.

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Still Curious?

Check out the Cold Fusion section of the Foundation Genetics Trait Guide or watch our video with Matt Parks interviewing Tom Favazza about Cold Fusion!