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VE HobbyStat

  • Easily mounted to any wall or rack
  • Easy to use dial to set desired temperature
  • Accurate temperature control
  • Optional Night Drop Control (sold separately)
  • Will not lose settings during a power outage
  • 3 prong grounded power receptacle
  • Up to 400 watt capacity
  • 10 foot replaceable probe cord
  • On/Off operation

The Vivarium Electronics VE HobbyStat is an affordable reptile rack thermostat that gets the job done. This small thermostat is an on/off control unit so as the temperature reaches the set point the Hobby Stat will turn off the power to your heat source and as the temperature cools below the set point, the unit will restore power.

What Do The More Expensive Thermostats Offer That This One Doesn't

  • Some offer pulse proportional temperature control which is more subtle and accurate than simple on/off control.
  • Some higher end models have built in night drop.
  • Some higher end models have temperature alarms built in.
  • Automatic safety shutoff is included in all higher models.
  • Temperature history is displayed in higher end models.
  • More wattage capacity offered in all other models.
  • Think you might need some of these features? Click back and check out our full line of professional thermostats.

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