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VE Thermostat Night Drop Module

  • Use with VE-100 and VE-200 thermostats
  • Provides a nighttime drop in temperature
  • Requires a mechanical light timer (not included)
  • 9 ft cord included

Need to lower the nighttime temperatures for your reptiles to promote breeding behavior? Connect this device to the budget friendly VE-100 or VE-200 digital thermostats and instantly have the ability to program your desired temperature changes. The night drop module must be plugged into a light timer in order to lower the temperatures.

Directions: Plug the grey RJ-11 cord from the module into the "ND" port on the back of your VE-100 or VE-200 thermostat. Plug the power cord of the module into a mechanical light timer. Set the current time on your mechanical timer and set the timer to turn ON for 10-12 hours at night. Plug the timer into a wall outlet or power strip (do not plug the mechanical timer into your thermostat). Once power is supplied to the night drop module, and the RJ-11 cord is plugged into your thermostat, wait 10 seconds. The option for a "night drop" will now be available in the menu settings of your thermostat. An instructions manual will be included with your VE Night Drop Module.