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Temperate Springtail Culture

  • Excellent Clean-up crew
  • Unpigmented
  • Reduces mold & pathogenic fungi
  • Maintains healthy substrate conditions
  • Parthenogenetic
  • Fast Reproduction
  • Fast Growth
  • Semi-aquatic and can live on the surface of the water
  • 50-100 springtails per culture

Springtails (Folsomia candida) are a common soil arthropod (Arthropoda : Hexapoda : Collembola) occurring within the family Isotomidae.

**If springtails do not appear active, simply remove the lid and allow for some oxygen exchange as accumulated levels of CO2 will make them inactive.

Bioactive Clean-up Crew

Springtails make an excellent clean-up crew when introduced into bioactive and naturalistic living systems. Their ability to break down and recycle organic waste matter throughout their environment helps maintain healthy habitat conditions and facilitate developmental stages of the bioactive cycling process. Mold, fungi, excessive food waste, and fecal waste produced by
primary inhabitants (i.e. reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates) are all acceptable forms of nutrition for springtails.

Bioactive Vivarium Seeding

Provide a sufficient amount of leaf litter and places for springtails to inhabit. Evenly disperse all contents of the deli cup into your vivarium substrate. Once springtails are introduced, they will begin finding their way into the substrate layer by seeking out humidity zones. Once established, they help to support healthy substrate conditions by consuming excess nutrients and organic waste found throughout their environment.

This animal can only be shipped to the Contiguous US, except LA, OR, and FL because of state regulations.