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Super Magnets

  • Incredibly strong
  • Available encapsulated in black resin
  • Use to secure any terrarium decoration in your reptile terrarium
  • Neodymium Rare Earth Magnets

These small neodymium magnets for sale are perfect for the do it yourself project from hanging plants and vines to creating your own magnetic ledges or structures! These are the same magnets we use in all of our Pangea magnetic ledges. Nickel coated to resist corrosion at normal humidity levels. Black resin encapsulated magnets make it easy to move or adjust the placement of decorations without damaging the glass of your terrarium. Price is per magnet.

Tip: If using in a humid or damp habitat, 50% humidity or higher, use a pet safe aquarium silicone, epoxy or other sealants to protect the magnet from corroding. Allow the sealant to fully cure before installing into any habitat. Adhere these magnets to decorations using a 2 part epoxy.

Dimensions: 18mm x 6mm disc magnets.