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Suction Cup With Vine Hook

  • Very strong and reliable
  • Easily holds any terrarium decoration
  • For use on cleaned glass or smooth plastic surfaces

It can be tricky to get your decorative plants and vines to stay where you want them but we make it easier with these heavy duty suction cups. These suction cups include a hook so that you can secure plants and vines almost anywhere in your terrarium. Having elevated plants and vines will make your reptiles or frogs feel secure and more at home.

We recommend redundancy with suction cups as they will eventually come off on their own, so make sure you double up especially if you are securing heavy items. If a lightweight vine or plant falls on your reptile it will almost certainly be fine but if a heavy dish or hide falls on them it could cause serious injury. We just want your pets to be safe!

  • Small: Holds 3 lbs
  • Large: Holds 8 lbs