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VE-300 Reptile Thermostat

  • Mounts on table top or any flat surface
  • Lighted display. Shows set point and probe temperature
  • High/Low History
  • Easily programmed
  • Built in Safety Shutoff relay
  • Won't lose any settings in the event of power failure
  • Grounded receptacle compatible with the use of power strip
  • 700 watt capacity with easily replaceable fuse
  • 10 foot replaceable probe cord
  • 6 foot power cord
  • Stackable
  • Pulse Proportional, Dimming OR On/Off

The Vivarium Electronics VE-300 utilizes pulse proportional temperature control which is the most accurate type of microclimate thermostat available. This is our most popular reptile thermostat, with a great mix of features and affordability. For serious keepers and hobbyists this is definitely worth the investment. Ask any professional breeder what digital reptile thermostat they use and chances are it's one of these as they are quickly becoming the industry standard. They are incredibly accurate and reliable for perfect temperatures and peace of mind. While the 200 model is also a proportional thermostat, this one has some added bells and whistles. This reptile digital thermostat is ideal for heat tapes, cable, under tank heat pads, etc. Not for use with incandescent heat bulbs.

What it has:

  • Pulse Proportional Control
  • Dimming Control for Incandescent Lights.
  • Built in Night Drop capability
  • Safety Shutoff
  • High and Low Temperature Alarms
  • 700 watt capacity
  • Battery backup for clock

What it doesn't have:

  • Single Zone (next model up controls 2 separate zones)
  • Next model up has a 900 watt capacity

Not Available For International Shipments