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VE-100 Reptile Thermostat

  • Sits on any flat surface
  • Easy to view light up display
  • Easy to configure. Set and forget!
  • With an optional module, you can set a temperature drop for night time
  • Memory feature won't lose your settings in the event of power failure
  • Built it safety shutoff relay
  • 3 prong grounded receptacle compatible with the use of power strips
  • Up to 700 watts of heat sources can be plugged into this unit
  • Three button programming board to make life easy
  • Probe cord is a full 10 feet long
  • Perfectly sized 6 foot power cord
  • Replaceable probe cord and fuse
  • Made to stack

The VE-100 reptile vivarium thermostat is more than just an entry level unit. It is an accurate and powerful tool to control just about any heat source or even multiple heat sources. This beast can handle up to 700 watts of power. This microclimate thermostat is an on/off model rather than a pulse model, which means it simply turns the heat source on or off rather than slowly reducing or increasing power to the heat source.

Not Available For International Shipments