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Reptile Systems T5 Bulb - 6% - Ferguson Zone 2

  • 1.8 UVI 
  • Provide UV for your animals
  • Dual output reflector to boost the UVI from the T5 lamp
  • Link up 10 units together from one plug (depending on unit size)
  • Can be mounted to a wooden terrarium as well as above and below the mesh
  • Compact design with flicker-free T5 electronic ballast
  • Bulb Only
  • 2-year warranty

Reptile Systems T5 D3 lamps are full spectrum lamps with excellent color rendering to promote and enhance natural colors. These bulbs help provide the UVB for your animals for the synthesis of D3 aiding in the metabolization of calcium. 


24w - 22”

39w - 34”

54w - 46”