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Reptile Systems 2.4% UVB - Zone 1 - T5 Bulb

  • Ferguson Zone 1
  • 1.0 UVI 
  • Provide UV for your animals
  • Dual output reflector to boost the UVI from the T5 lamp
  • Link up 10 units together from one plug (depending on unit size)
  • Can be mounted to a wooden terrarium as well as above and below the mesh
  • Compact design with flicker-free T5 electronic ballast
  • Bulb Only
  • 2-year warranty

The 2.4% UVB Reptile Systems T5 Bulb is the ideal choice for Ferguson Zonerated animals from Crested Geckos to Tokay Geckos. This fluorescent bulb outputs a 1.0 UV index, aiding in the synthesis of vitamin D3 and enhanced feeding and breeding responses for animals in Ferguson Zone 1. This top-notch full spectrum lamp is the perfect pick to construct your reptile's habitat, supplying you with amazing natural color vibrancy, for an immediately enjoyable look. When placing the UVB bulb, it is important to position basking perches at the recommended distances and to always provide a shaded area for your animal to escape to.

Identify the Ferguson Zone your reptile is in by referring to the Ferguson Zone Page from Reptile Systems.


8w - 12"

24w - 22”

39w - 34”

54w - 46”