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Reptile Systems Proten New Dawn LED Plant Lamp

  • True 6500 Kelvin LED. 
  • Optimal lighting for plants
  • Low energy consumption.
  • 2-year manufacturer guarantee.

Reptile Systems New Dawn LED Lamp is a powerful, full-spectrum luminaire (6500 Kelvin), designed to promote exceptional, natural growth of live plants and bioactive enclosures. This lamp produces 151 lumens/watt, delivering the optimal light conditions for plants to thrive. The waterproof design is excellent for high-humidity environments that have the risk of splashing or spraying.

This powerful light comes in 4 sizes and features adjustable arms so you can find the perfect fit for your terrarium. With the provided adapters and clamp fixings, this light can be adapted to any enclosure. 

More Features:

  • Extendable arms.
  • Controller with Dual Channel On/Off LED.
  • Supplied with 4 clamp fixings.
  • Adapter clips: Compatible with T5 & T8 fittings.
  • Bluetooth controller compatible with Bluetooth Dimming. (Not included)