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Rep-Cal Ultrafine Calcium With D3

  • Finely ground and sticks to food items
  • High bioavailability calcium source
  • Phosphorus free formula

Rep-Cal sets the industry standard for reptile calcium and multivitamin products. Successfully keeping any insectivorous or herbivorous reptile in captivity is only possible with appropriate supplementation. Rep-Cal with D3 is phosphorus free and naturally sourced from oyster shells to provide a highly bioavailable source of calcium carbonate ground to an ultrafine powder.

While other vitamins and minerals are equally as important, a lack of dietary calcium is the biggest reason most reptiles end up at the vet. Lizards, geckos, skinks, tortoises etc. all have distinctly different diets, feeding patterns and growth rates. Every species would have a much larger variety of foods in the wild that would provide acceptable levels of essential nutrients. Offering such a variety of food in captivity is not possible, so dusting prey items is the only way to balance and guarantee a minimum vitamin and mineral intake.

Preparation and Dosage:

Rep-Cal with D3 should be mixed with Herptivite for best results. Mixing 1/2 level tablespoon Rep Cal, and 1/2 level tablespoon Herptivite per roughly 1 pound of food is the suggested dosage. No other supplementation needed!

  • Add enough premixed Rep-Cal with Herptivite to a bag or large cup
  • Add feeder insects or fruits/vegetables/greens
  • Gently shake to completely cover insects or food items
  • Serve

Gravid females of most reptile species will benefit from a dish of strictly calcium. They will periodically lick the calcium powder if needed.