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Pangea MicroDish - Small Gecko Feeding Dish (SYS1)

  • Ideal for Day Geckos and Micro Geckkos
  • Attaches to Vines and Branches
  • Easy to Install and Clean
  • Food Safe and Durable
  • Smart Portions Reduce Waste
  • Extra Bowls Make Swapping Dishes Easy
  • Engineered in Germany for Optimal Functionality 
  • 1x Small MicroDish Bowl Only
  • *Requires Small MicroDish Branch Mount or Small MicroDish Surface Mount
  • SYS1 Mounting system

The Pangea MicroDish is a small, easy-to-install feeding dish for Day Geckos, Micro Geckos, Eurydactylodes spp., and baby New Caledonian Geckos like Crested Geckos, and many more small reptiles