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Zoo Med Naturalistic Terrarium® Hood

  • For use with CFL UVB, UVA or incandescent heat lamps
  • Horizontally opposed fixture
  • Reflective shields focus more light and heat into your habitat
  • Handles up to 60 watts per socket

This simple reptile light fixture is ideal for CFL UVB bulbs and incandescent heat lamps. Built in reflectors help to direct more light and heat into your terrarium maximizing the efficacy of your bulbs. The 12" size features 1 horizontal socket perfect for smaller glass terrariums. The 18" size offers 2 horizontal sockets for added flexibility whether you need to run a daytime UVB and night lamp, or UVB along with a heat lamp. Each socket can handle up to 60 watt heat lamps. Connect the Naturalistic Terrarium Hood to a mechanical timer to automate your day/night cycle at 10-12 hour intervals.