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Miner-All Calcium & Mineral Supplement

  • Calcium with D3 plus trace minerals
  • Ideal for majority of captive insectivore reptiles

The most widely used daily supplements around. It not only provides your reptilian friends with much needed calcium but also contains the major and trace minerals that just aren't found in other supplements. Over 50 trace minerals, in fact, derived from algae and other aquatic plants. Miner-All Indoor reptile calcium powder contains the perfect amount of Vitamin D3 for reptiles that do not get direct sunlight or strong artificial UVB lighting.

Sticky Tongue Farms grinds this calcium powder for reptiles super fine so it sticks easily to all manner of insect prey from crickets to mealworms to fruit flies and more! We give this supplement to our geckos, chameleons, and bearded dragons, and we highly recommend it as a supplement for all insectivorous reptiles.

Directions: Use this supplement every time you feed your critters. We recommend mixing 50:50 with a vitamin supplement once or twice a week just to make sure they get everything they need. Not sure what vitamin supplement to get? We like the Rep Cal Herptivite as it mixes nicely with the Miner-All and has a proven track record of being safe and effective.