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Pangea New Zealand Long Fiber Sphagnum Moss

  • A+ Grade Long Fiber Sphagnum Moss
  • #1 Substrate for humidity
  • Holds moisture very well
  • Naturally Antimicrobial
  • Perfect addition to bioactive habitats

Sphagnum moss is one of the best products to help increase humidity in your reptile or frog enclosure. It absorbs a ton of water and doesn't dry out easily so you can moisten it and forget about it for a little while. Our New Zealand Sphagnum Moss for sale is the highest quality, it is incredibly clean with long fibers and a soft fluffy texture.

In basic setups, it can simply be placed in the tank as the only substrate. Keep moist and replace every month or two or as needed. It can also be used as a top dressing in bioactive and natural habitats and is typically placed on top of the soil and drainage layers and below your leaf litter and other biodegradables. For snakes, geckos and other reptiles that need a humid hideaway you can pack the sphagnum moss inside their hide and moisten as needed. This helps animals shed properly and get the exposure to humidity as needed.

New Zealand Sphagnum moss is acidic and because of this, it has natural antimicrobial properties making it difficult for bacteria and fungi to colonize on or in it. Almost all frog keepers rely on this trait and use sphagnum for short term and quarantine habitats, knowing that the moss is keeping pathogens at bay.

Sphagnum moss has a lot of uses in the plant world too, being an ideal adjunct in growing orchids, bromeliads, other epiphytes, and carnivorous plants.