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Josh's Frogs Hydei Fruit Fly Media

  • Great Source of Vitamins
  • High Moisture Retention
  • Low Odor
  • 1.5 lbs / 1.35 Quarts (makes 10 fruit fly cultures)
  • 3 lbs / 2.7 Quarts (makes 20 fruit fly cultures)

Josh's Frogs Hydei Fruit Fly Media is highly regarded in the industry! Each bag contains 5+ cups of fruit fly media. A bag of Josh's Frogs Hydei Fruit Fly Media makes 15 - 1/3 cup cultures or 10 - 1/2 cup cultures.

Moisture Retention

The biggest issue with fruit fly cultures is low humidity. That's why Josh's Frogs Fruit Fly Media uses powdered potatoes instead of potato flakes. This allows for a more thorough mix of the ingredients, but also allows the media to hold more water. This keeps the media from drying out and prematurely killing the culture.

No Nasty Odor

Josh's Frogs Fruit Fly Media contains two natural anti-bacterial/anti-fungal ingredients. This eliminates the nasty smell of a bacteria/fungi infected culture. Many customers compare the smell of our cultures to freshly baked bread.

High Yields

Bacteria, fungus, and molds compete for nutrients with the fruit flies. This fruit fly media fends off these invaders so your fruit fly cultures produce greater and healthier fruit flies. 


  1. Mix contents of bag thoroughly
  2. Pour ¾ cup of boiling RO Water/bottled water over ½ cup of media (don't stir, just let it soak in! It may take a couple of days to absorb fully)
  3. Add a handful of excelsior to the cup.
  4. Cover the cup and wait for it to cool.
  5. Add ~25-50 flies.

Cultures should be kept below 85°F and will start producing flies in 12-14 days. If the cultures seem to be drying out (or molding), spray with RO water and use more water when making cultures. Josh’s Frogs recommends keeping the cultures in a plastic drawer system to prevent them from drying out.

This media contains a mold inhibitor.

Pro Tip from the Manufacturer:It's best to store media in the freezer so it stays as dry as possible. If the mold inhibitor within our recipe is exposed to moisture before a culture is made, it can deactivate the ingredient.