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Herpstat 4 SpyderWeb

  • WiFi Connected
  • Advanced temperature ramping to gradually increase/decrease heat over a period of up to 10 hours.
  • All units are proportional thermostats with selectable pulse or dimming modes.
  • Selectable modes: Heat, Cool, Lighting, and Humidity.
  • Outlets 1 & 2 can be set to control Heat, Light, or Cooling. Outlets 3 & 4 can be set to control Heat, Light, Cooling, or Humidity.
  • Temperature memory records high and low temperatures. Even in event of power loss.
  • 400 watts per outlet capacity. 1600 w total.
  • Gentle startup feature to keep your heat elements from burning out prematurely.
  • High tech components built for flawless performance.
  • Built in alarms to alert you of temperature extremes.
  • One year warranty (limited)
  • 4 Premium steel tip probes included

The Herpstat SpyderWeb 4 can control up to 4 heating, cooling, lighting or humidity devices, each with its own grounded outlet and probe. Its WiFi connectivity allows for local and remote based monitoring, email monitoring, data graphing, over the air updates, and more. An optional humidity sensor is necessary if you want to control a humidity device based on relative humidity, otherwise you can use the timed humidity that is built in and will turn the unit on or off for a specific amount of time. The ultimate reptile thermostat device for the serious breeder or hobbyist.

Not Available For International Shipments