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Herpstat 1 SpyderWeb

  • WiFi connection for remote viewing
  • Emergency & Scheduled Status Emails
  • All units are proportional thermostats - selectable pulse or dimming modes.
  • Selectable modes: Heat, Cool, Lighting,  and Humidity.
  • Usable range from 40F to 150F or 4C to 65C
  • Temperature memory records high & low temperatures.
  • Even in event of power loss.
  • 700-watt outlet capacity
  • Built-in alarms to alert you of temperature extremes.
  • One year warranty (limited)
  • 1 Premium steel tip probe included

Need to control humidity as well? Get the SpyderWeb Humidity probe and dial in your atmosphere! 

The Herpstat 1 SpyderWeb is part of a new series that puts remote control and monitoring ability into the hands of its customers. Local and remote-based monitoring, email monitoring, data graphing, over-the-air updates, and more! Spyder Robotics took their proven temperature control and expanded on it giving more than just day and night temperature settings. Now you get up to 4 periods per day to mimic nature. The large color LCD is customizable so you are no longer stuck with a one-color style. You can utilize the WiFi for emergency email ability to give notifications during error conditions, scheduled email status updates, and web upload to spyderrobotics.com site for viewing status online. These new features push your environment control to a whole new level!

The SpyderWeb still has all the features of a normal Herpstat. A built-in soft startup feature will slowly add power on initial starts as well as a user-selectable ramping between day and night time temperature settings. A revolutionary auto power matching algorithm constantly adjusts the power output to get the best regulation possible. AC control code that lets the device adjust power in 100 steps to be able to finely tune the heating equipment. High and low temperature tracking and audible alerts are standard. Housed in desktop-style cases this can easily sit on top of your rack, cage, or incubator. 

The SpyderWeb 1 includes 1 steel-tipped probe and a standard power cable. This Herpstat also includes important features like the built-in safety relay that can disconnect power to the outlets in case of a solid-state control failure as well, as a timeout function that can cut power if the user's low temperature is not reached within 30 minutes. Three prong grounded outlets are standard assuring compatibility with most heating devices. The Herpstat 1 has one outlet/probe and can schedule up to 4 scheduled temps per day. The Herpstat 1 SpyderWeb thermostat has all of the technology, safety alarms, and features that you expect from Spyder Robotics Herpstats.

Need Help? You can find the Herpstat 1 SpyderWeb User Manual here.

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