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HatchRite Incubation Kits

  • Egg incubation media and container all in one package!
  • Use for any species
  • Premeasured and soaked - just add eggs!

The HatchRite egg incubator kit includes premeasured incubation medium and an organizing tray. HatchRite is a very popular substrate for incubating the majority of pet reptile eggs. No water or mixing required! Simply pour the substrate into the included container, place eggs into substrate leaving roughly half of the egg exposed and place the container in an incubator. You should frequently monitor the temperatures and inspect the eggs about once a week. If you happen to have any infertile eggs, mold or eggs that have become discolored, they should be removed from the incubation tray and discarded to keep the other viable eggs healthy. Adding moisture to the substrate can be done for more tropical species that have higher humidity requirements. Once the eggs have successfully hatched you can discard the substrate.


Reptile Species Average Clutch Egg Size Suggested Kit
Crested Gecko 2 Small 1 Small
Gargoyle Gecko 2 Small 1 Small
Leachianus Gecko 2 Medium 1 Small
Leopard Gecko 2 Small 1 Small
Bearded Dragon 15-25 Small 1-2 Large
Ball Python 4-8 Large 1 Large
Colubrids 12-30 Medium 1 Large