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Fluker's Mini Dripper (12 oz)

  • 12oz terrarium drip system
  • Provides a consistent drip for hydrating reptiles and amphibians
  • Adjustable flow spigot with nozzle

Many tropical and forest dwelling reptiles tend to favor drinking their water off of leaves in the wild. Most species prefer to drink rainwater or dew in the wild rather than drink from standing water sources. Drip systems are a great way to simulate natural drinking behavior for a variety of lizard, gecko and frog species. Simply fill the 12oz container with filtered, purified, or conditioned water, set the dripper on top of your screen-topped terrarium or mount inside, adjust the rate of flow to drip once every 10-60 seconds. Drippers should be placed above leafy terrarium plants so that water droplets can cascade down to the base of the enclosure allowing your pet to drink from multiple locations. Depending on the rate of flow, a container may be needed to catch excess water on the bottom f your pet's habitat.