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Exo Terra Monsoon Solo II

  • Misting setup designed for single terrarium use
  • Programmable frequency and duration
  • Cycle timer
  • Adjustable suction-cup nozzle
  • Accommodates additional accessories for expansion
  • Envelopes enclosure in light fog and mist
  • Angled top for effortless refill
  • Maneuverable tubing that fits through Exo Terra terrarium lids

The Exo Terra Monsoon SOLO II coats your terrarium in wafts of fine mist and light fog per your programming. Fill your reservoir unit with water (distilled or reverse osmosis works best to avoid calcium buildup) and connect tubing to unit. The tube is specifically designed to be long so the water unit can be tucked away and tubing can be stretched, repositioned, and attached to accommodate all of your reptile, amphibian, or plant needs. The tubing feeds a nozzle at the end attached to a suction cup, allowing you to manipulate what areas of your terrarium receive the most moisture. Going on vacation or just need an extra hand? Program your Monsoon solo system to mist multiple times a day from anywhere from 2 seconds to 2 minutes. Need more mist or want better coverage in a certain area? The Monsoon SOLO is purposely designed to be customizable and allow for additional Exo Terra accessories to be added on. Angled lid makes reservoir refills spill free and efficient. Holds up to 1.5 liters (.40 gallons). Although it is called SOLO, the Exo Terra Monsoon misting system is all about a team effort.