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Exo Terra Forest Moss

  • Real compressed moss
  • Quintessential substrate for burrowing and digging
  • Increases humidity and provides coverage to reduce stress
  • Can be used for egg-laying and incubation
  • 2 bricks per pack

Grown in tropical Asia this substrate is a dynamic addition to your herp's habitat. Break apart and disperse across your terrarium to provide coverage that looks and feels fantastic. The moss absorbs and holds moisture and will increase the overall humidity and versatility of your tank. Diggers will also love this substrate as it enables them the tactile experience of furrowing through a forest floor. Use inside hides for a comfy and tight hiding place sure to be inviting to your pet. Perfect for use in live vivariums. Try with frogs, salamanders, geckos, chameleons and more! Exo Terra Forest Moss is a smart addition to any pet keeper's substrate repertoire and a must for keepers who strive to keep their enclosure as natural as possible.