Complete Crested Gecko Kit

Complete Crested Gecko Kit

This complete crested gecko starter kit has everything you need to get started! The 12x12x18" Exo Terra terrarium is the perfect size cage for a juvenile-adult crested gecko. This kit includes plenty of decorations, gecko food, and all the supplies you need. 

Included in The Complete Crested Gecko Kit:

  • Exo Terra 12x12x18 glass terrarium
  • Foam background (removable)
  • Small HerpHaven (starter cage or feeding cage)
  • 12"x12" Pangea Carpet
  • Pangea Digital thermometer/hygrometer
  • Pangea Small Acrylic Suction Cup Gecko Ledge
  • 50 1/2 oz. plastic feeding cups
  • 1 Pangea Ultimate Vine
  • 2 Pangea Plants
  • 1 Pangea Hanging Orchid 
  • 2 oz bag Pangea Complete Gecko Diet "Watermelon"
  • 2 oz bag Pangea Complete Gecko Diet "With Insects"
  • Pangea misting bottle

We reserve the right to substitute items in the setup for other items of equal value and functionality. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I substitute any of the supplies included with the kit?

A: In some cases, we may be able to substitute items of equal or lesser value.

Q: Is the 12x12x18" Exo Terra big enough for an adult?

A: Yes this size enclosure is suitable for 1 adult crested gecko. This size terrarium will help with feeding response and limit environmental stresses that can occur in larger enclosures.

Not Available For International Order