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  • Written by Allen Repashy
  • 76 full-color photographs.
  • 77 pp. Softcover

Bearded Dragons are now being bred in such numbers that it is being genetically manipulated for color, temperament, and even size. Blood Red, High Orange, Peach, Tiger-striped , Hypomelanistic, Lemon Yellow, Snow, and other color morphs are being produced by dragon breeders worldwide.

Bearded Dragons hatch out at to and grow quickly, many reaching sexual maturity as early as one year old. They tame down well and will often sit lazily on a keeper's lap or on a sunny window sill of a watchful keeper's home, content that their place in the lives of reptile fanatics is enduring.

Bearded Dragons in Captivity provides keepers with information on all aspects of captive care including housing, feeding, breeding, incubation of eggs, and care of young dragons. A wide array of fascinating Bearded Dragons is presented in beautiful detail in the photo gallery. Also included in this exciting new book are sections on the captive care of Rankins Dragons and one of the most spectacular dragons in captivity – Chlamydosaurus kingii, the Frilled Dragon.

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