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Arcadia ShadeDweller ProT5 UVB Kit - 12"

  • Full Spectrum Lamp
  • 7% UVB
  • 17% UVA
  • 8 Watt lamp
  • Removeable, curved reflector
  • Free linking cable
  • Connects up to 10 units from one power source
  • Flicker Free
  • Fitting kit for easy installation atop or in enclosure
  • Full 12 month UV-B lifespan
  • Specifically designed for crepuscular reptiles
  • Creates temperature gradients ideal for self-regulation

The Arcadia Reptile ShadeDweller ProT5 is a dynamic and smart UV-B kit that shines light on the lack of bulbs available for crepuscular species like Crested and Leopard geckos.

Customizable to your needs, the ShadeDweller Pro T5 is fitted with a curved, but removable reflector that provides a UV flush basking area concentrated beneath the unit. The ShadeDweller ProT5 includes the Arcadia Reptile 17% UVA, 7% UVB ShadeDweller 8 Watt lamp, fittings kit, power cable, and one free linking cable that enables you to power up to 10 kits from one power source.

Reptiles require temperature gradients in their enclosures in order to self-regulate and flourish. The ShadeDweller Pro T5 kit casts a nourishing UV energy both directly below the fixture and and over the surrounding targeted area.

The ShadeDweller ProT5 kit can be fixed into place for a wooden vivarium with the fitting kit and it can rest atop the mesh of a glass vivarium commonly used for arboreal species like Crested Geckos.

Recommended for use with:

-Leopard Geckos

-Crested Geckos

-Hatchling Snakes

-Small ground-dwelling lizards