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Arcadia ShadeDweller Arboreal ProT5 Replacement Bulb

The Arcadia Reptile 8w 12”/30cm ProT5 fitting is used and loved by thousands of keepers all over the globe, it is sleek, stylish, robust, and easy to use.

  • Full Spectrum Lamp
  • 2.4% UVB
  • 12% UVA
  • 8 Watt lamp
  • Flicker Free
  • Full 12 month UV-B lifespan
  • Specifically designed for crepuscular arboreal reptiles
Connect up to 10 units with the included daisy-chain cableShadeDwellerPro-Arboreal has been designed to be safe and effective to use over standard meshed topped vivariums and inside other vivariums where planting/decoration is provided to a close distance to the lamp. This kit will provide the ideal UVI and allow inhabitants to benefit in full from activated color vision and the natural effective D3 cycle safely. Using our tried and tested 2.4% UV-B, 12% UV-A high CRI ShadeDweller-Arboreal lamp you can be sure of providing a safe and effective UV Index even if the animal travels high into its environment close to the lamp